Music lessons in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Learn to play ukulele, guitar, or mandolin from an experienced performer and a patient but enthusiastic teacher. My aim is to teach you to play well enough to accompany your own singing, to write your own songs, or to play along with other folk, bluegrass, country, rock, jug band, old-time, or traditional jazz musicians.

I can teach all ages and skill levels. And I especially welcome experienced musicians who want to try out a new instrument. (As a part of our lessons, we could incorporate one-time sessions on some of the other more unusual instruments I play, such as jug, washtub bass, suitcase, and comb!)

My basic rates are $20 per half-hour, $25 for 45 minutes, or $30 per full-hour. We’ll start with a free half-hour consult so we can talk about your musical interests and goals, and then come up with a plan to meet those goals. I currently teach out of my home in Milwaukee’s Washington Heights neighborhood.


The ukulele is a wonderful instrument for starter string players, for experienced musicians on other instruments who want a great tool for writing pop, jazz, or vaudeville-style tunes (this is how I essentially came to the uke from guitar), and for playing in the passenger seat and bothering the driver on long trips.

I play and teach baritone, tenor, concert, and soprano ukulele, along with banjo, electric, and Turkish cümbüş versions of all of the above.

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The guitar has, for more than a century, been the instrument of choice for those looking to woo, busk, rock the basement and/or garage, bare the soul, hide the soul, or just generally to have around for singing, jamming, and making noise with others or by your lonesome. While not totally suited to passenger seat playing (see ukulele), the guitar is the ideal couch instrument.

I can teach acoustic and electric guitar in most of your basic folk, rock, country, traditional jazz, post-traditional jazz, singer/songwriter, and skiffle styles.

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